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Press Release drafting and distribution

Distributing a press release or also called an article is the most economical marketing communications medium to reach out to your potential and current customers, if you are launching a new product, crossing a milestone, partnering with another company, exhibiting at a trade fair, etc.

Taurus Communications has in its data base around 65 contacts in the Indian textile and apparel media space, both online and magazines, which covers all the media’s in India serving the industry.

Additionally, Taurus Communications has a data base of around 300 global textile, nonwovens, technical textiles and apparel media’s, whether magazines or news websites from all textile hubs like Australia, India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Turkey, Iran, Russia, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, UK, USA, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, etc.

Languages of these magazines and news websites include; Chinese, Thai, Russian, Indonesian, Turkish, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Argentina/Mexico/Peru/Chile/Venezuela/Bolivia/Colombia/Cuba), Italian, German, French and Vietnamese.

This unrivaled database of textile, technical textiles and apparel media’s in English as well as local languages of those countries will give your press release the greatest exposure and impact and generate maximum value for money spent.

The objective of Taurus Communications is to make drafting and releasing a Press Release an affordable service and so is offered on a piece-meal or ‘A-La-Carte’ basis, which means you pay as you go or only pay for the number of press releases that are drafted and released to the media. To sum up, we will not be charging a fixed amount for the entire year as done by other PR Agencies.

Just in the same way that you take part in trade fairs, release advertisements or organise seminars to promote your company or technology, use the economical tool of distributing press releases to give a 360 degrees reach and dimension to your marketing campaign and strategy.


Under this initiative, we will interview your satisfied clients and draft an article from the same. Testimonials of satisfied clients help potential customers take quick and informed decisions on purchasing your products. I am sure even you would agree that a testimonial of a satisfied client carries more weight than the words of a sales person or what is written in a brochure.


We also undertake drafting of newsletters. A newsletter is a very good way of staying in touch with your current and potential clients and keeping them informed of the technologies that you offer. A monthly or quarterly newsletter is also a very economic marketing medium to keep them informed on developments in the company like a new product launch, crossing a milestone, etc.


Taurus Communications can also help you pick and choose the best circulated textile and apparel media’s in any country to release advertisements at the lowest rates to realise the best value for money spent. We have also been able to secure deep discounts from textiles magazines of a few countries.

Digital Marketing

Under this service, we offer SEO services, social media marketing, paid marketing services, email marketing services, online reputation management, affiliate marketing management and lastly conversion rate optimization.

Drafting Post-Show Reports

Taurus Communications also drafts post-show reports for seminars, conferences and trade shows. The post-show report is one of the best available and cost efficient marketing tools to attract potential exhibitors, visitors or delegates for the next edition of the trade show, seminar or conference.

Marketing Support and content for brochures

Drawing upon years of experience of working in the sales and marketing functions, Taurus Communications can help you design your marketing plan and create marketing communication materials like flyers, brochures, etc.

So, whether your company operates in India or any other country and, if you are searching for a Public Relations and Advertising Agency with specialisation in the textile industry value chain, your search stops here!!