About Us

Taurus Communications which primarily started as a Public Relations and Advertising Agency, has been set up to exclusively serve the Indian as well as the global textile and apparel industry, particularly producers of fibres; yarns; fabrics, textile machineries & accessories and dyes & chemicals.

With passage of time, Taurus Communications evolved in to a full-fledged marketing communications agency offering other services like taking testimonials of your satisfied customers, drafting newsletters, digital marketing, drafting content for marketing brochures and lastly drafting post-show reports of textile and apparel trade fairs.

Taurus Communications has been set up by a professional, who has experience of serving in the operations and sales functions of various textile companies and also as a News Editor in the news section of the world’s biggest textile and apparel B2B website.

This experience helps Taurus Communications to perfectly and quickly understand the marketing communication needs of clients and offer solutions which fully serve the need to achieve sales growth of your organization. All our services come at a very economic cost, without stretching your marketing budget.

It does not matter whether you are in India, Europe, US, Asia or any other part of the world; Taurus Communications offers the same quality of services. Apart from India, currently we have clients from Italy, Germany, France, Turkey, etc who have placed their faith and trust in our services.