Our Service Offerings

Taurus Communications is a one-stop Branding, Public Relations (PR) and Advertising Agency

Offering several brand building services to the textile & garment industry as well as the pharmaceutical machinery and its allied industries. All our services and energies are devoted to turning your business into a brand.

Within textile and garment industries, we help build brands of fibres, yarns, fabrics, machineries and dyes and chemicals. Within the pharmaceutical industry, they include all pharmaceutical related machinery & equipments.

Taurus Communications is also Indian Stall Booking Agent of the biggest textile and garment machinery exhibitions in Indonesia, Turkey, South Korea, Pakistan, Egypt, Russia and Morocco. A few of these exhibitions are co-located with the biggest exhibitions for fibres, yarn, fabrics, textile dyes & chemicals.

Taurus Communications has also introduced a Customised B2B Sales Skills Coaching Program for domestic and export sales professionals. The customised B2B sales skills coaching program drives better outcomes because it addresses only the required skills of the sales professional and makes him/her a better sales performer.

Trust Taurus Communications to Deliver Beyond Your Expectations!

Taurus Communications is awesome to work with!
Mr Smarth Bansal
DGM (Product), ColorJet India Ltd